Langosteira Beach


A walk on the beach

The beach of Langosteira is about 40 meters from the restaurant. Langosteira is sheltered from the waves and strong winds that characterize other beaches of Fisterra. It is a beautiful and quiet beach, 2 km long, with fine white sand full of shells.

A morning walk through the sand on the beach or along the path that follows its dunes is a perfect activity to start the day.

The walk, with slate floor, that runs along the beach of Langosteira from end to end, from “San Roque” to “La Sierra” crosses a stream and a pine forest. While we walk through it, we can get carried away by the aromatic symphonies that the sea provides, the dune and pine trees.

On the beach, in addition to the fish and crustaceans of the rocks, we can see dolphins, cormorants, kingfishers, ducks, curlews, seagulls, … And, if you are very lucky, you might notice, when the night comes, some Otter.